Application Icon


Menu bar icon, macOS.

Clicking on the application icon toggles a floating summary of the last 24 hours of transfers. Transfers can be viewed at a glance even when the JetStream client is in the background.


  • macOS: To the right of the application menu bar at the top of the screen.

  • Windows: Bottom right side of the screen. Known as the notification tray area. If the JetStream icon is hidden, reveal it by clicking on the white arrow.

  • Linux: Window manager dependent. Typically top-right of the screen.

Context Menu

Right clicking on a selection will show the pop-up context menu. Some options will be unavailable depending on the current selection, the version of the server to which you are connected, and its configuration.




icon context menu

Pin window to current position

Control,⌘ + P

Suspending A Transfer

Control,⌘ + R

Resuming A Transfer


Deleting A Transfer

Control,⌘ + K

Canceling A Transfer

Show Transfers

Quit JetStream