Location Export and Import

Instead of creating a new location from scratch, it’s possible to export an existing location from one JetStream client and import it into another.

Exporting a Location

  • Select Locations ‣ Location Manager from the menu.

  • Select a one or more locations from the list.

  • right click ‣ Export…

The Export Locations dialog will open. Choose the folder to which you’d like the Location exported, whether or not you’d like the Location’s password information exported, and hit OK to export. Password export defaults to OFF because you may find it preferable to send passwords in a separate communication for security reasons.

The exported Location files will then appear in the folder you selected as individual .ini files with the name of the location you chose to export. You may now send these files to another person so they can add your Locations to their JetStream client application.

Importing A Location

  • Select Locations ‣ Location Manager from the menu.

  • right click ‣ Import…

  • Locate and select the Location .ini file to import.

The imported location will now appear in the Locations list. If application already has the location being imported, it will be updated with the settings in the file.