Release Notes


  • Improved loading time and added progress indicator for large directories.

  • Enhanced status display for incoming transfers.

  • Various bug fixes.


  • Improved visibility of incoming transfers from a Shared Link.


  • Added support for M1.

  • Added support for Windows 11.


  • Added ability to see incoming transfers.

  • Additional filtering options for transfers.


  • Added option in Transfer Preview to skip errors caused by moved or deleted files.

  • Added ability to search/filter columns in the Transfer Manager.

  • Added adjustable column size in Watch Folder and Shared Link Manager.

  • Added ‘Not Responding’ indicator when host server stopped.

  • Shared Link Manager now shows if it includes Watch Folder Automation.

  • Fixed various bugs.


  • Improved watch folder usability and bug fixes.

  • Added more options for watch folder automation.

  • Applied specific icon for shared folders and watch folders.


  • Added watch folder feature.

  • Client app is now minimized as a system tray when closed and kept running at background. (Note Linux distributions with GNOME desktop may have system tray disabled by default. However this does not impact the app’s functionality and the app can always be restored to foregound by launching again.)

  • Transfers involving client app now support auto-resume as long as the client IP address stays the same.


  • Added Wasabi sandboxing option.

  • Fixed token user is not authed for integrity check


  • Improved receiver file writing performance using multithreaded io.

  • Added Win10 application level awareness of long file path.

  • Fixed empty folder integrity check error.


  • Added option to specify a preferrable external address in server administration.

  • Fixed various bugs.


  • Added file integrity check for completed transfers.

  • Added server configuration option for superusers to set the server preferred external address.

  • Fixed various bugs.


  • No Client Changes


  • Added additional options to email notifications, such as notification on transfer start, transfer error, and inclusion of the transfer graph.

  • Added option to stop the computer from going into sleep mode (Windows and macOS).

  • Added Backblaze as a sandboxing option.

  • Added option to update the description and expiry date of shared folders and download links.


  • Fixed a bug with Windows Client making test connections to non-Windows servers.


  • Added external connectivity test to check if a server is visible from an outside network.

  • Added an easy way to do a test transfer. Will create a temporary file and transfer it.

  • Added an option to unlicense a server.

  • Send & Receiver panel remains interactive while a transfer is being started.


  • Changed default when creating links to use the IP address of the Location instead of the detected external address.


  • Updated internal server.


  • Added “pending files” view to show if there are files waiting to be sent or currently being processed for sending.

  • Added --new-instance option to allow multiple Clients be opened at once.

  • Local location uses instead of localhost.

  • Shared links page now remembers header layouts.


  • Add “wranglers” to the Location configuration.

  • Allow shared folder users to create download links.

  • Files can be moved within a single Location by dragging and dropping.

  • Fixed various bugs.


  • Various UI updates including a new Welcome page, tabbed interfaces, and easier to access options.

  • Added “Share Folder”, a feature to create a link that allows other users restricted access to a particular folder.

  • Added options to preserve file times and copy only files with newer timestamps.

  • Shared Link Manager can now recreate link email text.

  • Various bug fixes.


  • Fixed bug where resetting the Settings dialog may not reset certain fields to blank values.

  • Updated the way Windows network shares are displayed in the sandboxing dialogs.

  • Fixed bug where the Client would not run on macOS versions older than 10.12.


  • Added “Discover Locations” option to find servers on the local network.

  • Downloads to the Local location timeout after being disconnected for 30 minutes.

  • Only a single instance of the application can be open at one time.

  • Fixed various bugs and performance issues.


  • Documentation update. No Client Changes


  • Added name and description fields to transfers.

  • Added lane, priority, max send rate, destination user name, and name as columns in the Transfer Monitor.

  • Added ability to resize, move, and sort columns in the Transfer Monitor.

  • Added ability to view transfer Metadata.

  • Transfer details now shows both source and destination paths when viewing the list of files.

  • Transfer Summary bar is now permanent and cannot be closed.

  • Added ability to show which servers are being monitored and un-monitor them.

  • Added ability to retry failed transfers.

  • Files can now be downloaded when running as root.

  • Notification emails have been made clearer.

  • Added ability to open external email client when creating a shared download link.

  • When “adding more files”, made it clearer when the files will be discarded or kept.

  • Fixed various style and rendering bugs.


  • Add server configuration dialog, including setting a server license, and setting up sandboxing.

  • Add settings to verify the identity of a Location (on by default).

  • Bug fixes.


  • Default Local location to Automatically Determine Bandwidth.


  • Documentation update. No Client Changes


  • Brand name changes.

  • Updated third-party SDKs.

  • Removed support for CentOS 6.