Adjusting The Maximum Send Rate For A Transfer

The maximum send rate for an active transfer may be adjusted from the Transfer Manager.

To adjust the maximum send rate for a transfer:

  • Switch to the Transfer Manager.

  • In the Transfer Manager, click the ᐧᐧᐧ symbol to the left of the transfer to be adjusted. This will open a popup menu.

  • From the popup menu, use the Send Rate input to set the desired maximum send rate.
    • The send rate is a number optionally followed by a unit which can be one of:
      • B: bit/s

      • K: Kbit/s (1000 bits per second)

      • M: Mbit/s (1,000,000 bits per second)

      • G: Gbit/s (1,000,000,000 bits per second)

    • If no units are specified, M is assumed.

    • You can also specify auto to manage the rate automatically. This will usually be the fastest rate possible, given current network limits and server policies.

After increasing the maximum send rate, a transfer’s effective send rate will not necessarily immediately reflect this requested speed. Several conditions come into consideration that govern that rate of a transfer, including network conditions, the requirements of other active transfers, and restrictions imposed by the sending and/or receiving JetStream servers.


If the send rate is larger or smaller than the server’s limits, it will be adjusted to fit within an accepted range.


If the selected transfer is finished, or has failed with an error, then the ᐧᐧᐧ popup menu will display the last assigned send rate for the transfer, but the value may not be edited.