Location Manager


The Location Manager is available from the Locations menu. It shows a summary for all of the currently configured Locations.

Selecting Items

The Location Manager supports extended selection. There are several ways to select multiple items.

  • Click and hold the left mouse button, and drag a range of items.

  • Hold Control and click individual items.

  • Click one item, hold Shift, and then click on an item above or below to select a range of items.

Context Menu

Right clicking on a location will show the pop-up context menu. Some options will be unavailable depending on the current selection, the version of the server to which you are connected, and its configuration.




location context menu

Control,⌘ + N

Creating A New Location

Control,⌘ + E

Editing A Location

Control,⌘ + Del

Deleting A Location

Control,⌘ + D

Duplicate Location

Location Export and Import

Location Export and Import

Control,⌘ + O

Testing A Location

Sorting The Locations List

Click on any of the header columns to sort items by that value.


The Local Location will always appear at the top of the list. Its position is not affected by sorting.