Location Editor


The Location Editor is displayed when creating a new Location and when editing an existing Location.

Configuring A Location

Location Name

Specify a name for your Location. The name can be anything you choose, save for a few restrictions:

  • You may not use the name “Local”.

  • The name may not be empty.

  • The name may not start with whitespace.

  • The name may not end with whitespace.

Host / IP

Specify the host name or IP address for the Location’s JetStream server.


JetStream currently only supports IPv4.

You may create more than one Location that connects to the same JetStream server. There are a few reasons why you may want to do this:

  • Each Location may require different authentication. The authentication will govern which files and folders are accessible from the client.

  • Each Location may specify different email recipients.

Username / Password

If the Location requires a login, specify the username and password here.

API Control Port

Specify the API control port for the JetStream server. This is the port on which the server listens for connections from the JetStream client.


You’ll need to obtain the API control port from the server administrator. By default, JetStream servers use port 8886.

Validate Server Identity

Each JetStream server has a security certificate. When Validate Server Identity is turned on, connections to the Location will only succeed if the server’s certificate is trusted. The trusted certificate for this Location can be set by pressing the Manage identity… button. This bring up the Managing Location Identity dialog which can be used to either download or manually set a trusted certificate for this Location.


When creating a new Location, the server’s identity is automatically downloaded in the background and trusted.


A server running on the same machine as the Client application, such as when the Host is localhost or, does not require a trusted certificate, so Validate Server Identity will default to off.


If you have administrator privileges on the JetStream server, you may configure the server by clicking the Configure server… button. This bring up the Configuring A Server dialog.


The Notifications section allows you add a list of email addresses for recipients that will be notified whenever a transfer has started or finished.



For notifications to be available the SMTP email server must be configured from the Application Settings.


Email notifications are sent for recipients configured on the destination side of a transfer. The Transfer Details will show the recipients that will be notified.

Select when an email should be send:

  • Notify transfer complete – Send an email when a transfer completes successfully.

  • Notify transfer start – Send an email when a transfer is started.

  • Notify transfer error – Send an email when a transfer fails.

Additionally, the contents of the email may be tailored:

  • Include file list – Include the full list of the files and their sizes in the email.

  • Include graph – For a successful transfer, include the transfer graph similar to what it seen in the Transfer Manager.

Editing An Email Address

To edit an existing email address, double-click its Address column. The address will become editable.


While editing, a message will appear to explain when an email address is incomplete or invalid. An incomplete or invalid address may not be saved.

Removing An Email Address

To remove an email address from the Notifications list, click once on an address and press the DELETE keyboard shortcut. The address will be removed.


The Domain column is not editable. It is provided for display purposes, and as a convenience when sorting the table. When sorted by Domain, email addresses targeting the same domain will be grouped together.


Each email address shows optional CC and BCC checkboxes. If CC is checked, the address will be added to the notification email’s CC list, and excluded from its TO list. If BCC is checked, the address will be added to the notification email’s BCC list, and excluded from its TO list. If neither CC nor BCC are checked, the address will be added to the notification email’s TO list.

For each address, the CC and BCC options are mutually exclusive; you can not enable both at the same time. Multiple addresses can be set as CC or as BCC.

Testing Your Connection

Once you have configured your location, click on Test Connection to check if your connection setup works. This will bring up the Connection Test dialog, which runs a variety of tests to determine if the server you have configured is accessible and can be used to transfer files.

Connection Console

JetStream provides a command line console for sending JetStream API commands to the server at any given location. This can be useful in certain troubleshooting scenarios. To bring up the connection console, click on Console.