Transfer Graphs

Transfer Graphs is part of Transfer Details.


The area contains of a pair of graphs, with several overlayed data sets, providing real-time statistics for an ongoing transfer.

Left graph shows general stats for the transfer.


Tracks the transfer progress, as megabytes (M) transferred.


Tracks the effective transfer rate, in megabits per second.


Tracks the rate controller send rate, in megabits per second.


Tracks the ratio of packets that were retransmitted, as a percentage of the transfer.

The right graph relates to I/O performance of the sender’s disk and networking subsystem. The values should always exceed the maximum of the rate controller send rate, and the effective throughput.


The disk read rate of the sender in megabits per second.


The network send rate. Includes packet overhead, host CPU encryption, network driver.


To isolate performance bottlenecks use the Troubleshooting options in the Application Settings.


Hovering over the graph highlights the values recorded at that point during the transfer.



The Transfer Graph supports the clipboard copy operation. To copy the numerical statistics as shown in the transfer graph:

  • Click the mouse anywhere within the Transfer Graph.

  • right click ‣ Copy to clipboard (csv) or press Control,⌘ + C.

The numerical statistics from the graph will be copied into the clipboard.

The text below shows a sample for how the statistics are represented when copied.

time, bytes transferred
0.000000, 0.000000
1.009669, 0.000000
2.019023, 24187904.000000
3.026019, 72206336.000000
4.031374, 96302080.000000
5.032853, 120280064.000000

time, throughput
0.000000, 0.000000
1.009669, 0.000000
2.019023, 97003336.000000
3.026019, 192745440.000000
4.031374, 192843776.000000
5.032853, 192294912.000000

time, retransmit percentage
0.000000, 0.000000
1.009669, 0.000000
2.019023, 0.000000
3.026019, 0.000000
4.031374, 0.000000
5.032853, 0.001703

time, send rate
0.000000, 0.000000
1.009669, 197191552.000000
2.019023, 199557104.000000
3.026019, 199555616.000000
4.031374, 199568416.000000