Monitor Location

When you start JetStream and connect to a location, the Transfer Manager will initially show you no transfers. As soon as you start a transfer, the Transfer Manager will show you your active transfers at that location.

Sometimes you may wish to monitor the outgoing transfers from a location without starting a new transfer. This is especially useful if you are the superuser for a location, and you want to see all outgoing transfers going on at any given time across all users.

Click the ᐧᐧᐧ button next to the location’s name, and click Monitor.


When you visit the Transfer Manager, you’ll now see your transfers in progress at that location. If you have superuser privileges, you will be automatically upgraded. The superuser can pause, suspend, delete, adjust the send rate, and view details of all transfers on a server.


Starting a transfer on a server with a location set to the superuser account is not sufficient to see all transfers on that server. Transfers are initiated with normal user privileges. Clicking Monitor will upgrade the connection with superuser privileges if possible.