New Connectivity Tools and Performance Updates Highlight JetStream 2.6

Easy. Fast. Reliable. These words drive the JetStream story. We always look for ways to make JetStream file transfers easier, faster, and more reliable. The notable new features in version 2.6 – diagnosis tools, Avid Nexis support, and performance updates – do just that.

Diagnosis Tools

JetStream uses a client-server model to enable point-to-point file transfers between two locations. IT infrastructure and network conditions can affect transfer speed. For times when troubleshooting may be needed, JetStream now has even better self-diagnosis tools. Through easily accessible test settings, users can quickly determine the cause of an issue and take appropriate action.

For example, JetStream 2.6 includes new isolation tests. Users can easily gauge the performance of the individual components used to transfer data from the source to the target destination. JetStream sends a programatically generated file and provides visual feedback on bandwidth, I/O efficiency, CPU performance, or network speed. By isolating different transfer functions such as read, write, encryption, or any combination of these, potential areas to improve efficiencies can be found. Moreover, users can ensure full utilization of the bandwidth from their service provider.

Additionally, testing external communication when configuring the JetStream server application is now simplified. Networks can be complex to navigate. A new connection test allows users to initiate a programmatically created transfer to a server located outside their network. The test results can assist network administrators in quickly diagnosing connectivity issues.

Avid Nexis Support

JetStream 2.6 enhances Linux support for the Avid Nexis shared media storage server. Avid Nexis is used in environments such as post-production, broadcast, government, corporate, and media education. With JetStream, Avid Nexis users can move files at up to 100 times faster than FTP, to and from central storage to an unlimited number of client connections.

Performance Updates

The latest version of JetStream also includes a variety of features to enhance usability and file transfer performance. For example, the JetStream user interface better indicates pending files, or those in process for sending, to give more feedback when transfers are started. This allows you to start preparing the next transfer before the previous one has actually started to save valuable time.

With the release of version 2.6, JetStream simplifies and accelerates the file transfer experience even more.

Download the latest version or contact us to try JetStream for free.

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