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File Transfer Software Built for Power and Simplicity

The JetStream platform provides enterprise speed, reliability, and security to connect people, places, and technology. It’s a robust yet simplified file transfer solution that helps your teams in locations around the world collaborate faster and better, especially through digital workflow automation. But don’t take our word for it, see for yourself.



100x faster than TCP

The internet can be temperamental, with traffic getting lost, delayed, and corrupted. JetStream doesn’t consider these errors, just regular operating conditions. Unlike TCP, a legacy transport technology, JetStream is resilient to unreliable connections and high latency. You can sling your data as fast as your network and hardware infrastructure will allow to get maximum value from your investment. JetStream also adapts to changing network conditions for quick and reliable file transfer.


and simple to integrate

JetStream is purpose-built for integration. As JetStream users ourselves, we’ve seen the power of a fully automated and integrated digital workflow. Our teams spent less time jockeying data and more on the work that really mattered. This is why JetStream is designed to be API first – it’s very easy to embed into your existing workflow. For example, JetStream integrates with Amazon S3 cloud storage. Best of all, while other vendors charge for their APIs, you can access the JetStream API online at no additional cost!


JetStream accelerated file transfer software includes:

Transfer Technology
Custom UDP
Client-server architecture
Full line speed bandwidth utilization
Transfer Management
Unlimited transfer volume
Real-time monitoring from client application
Transfer priority control
Configurable bandwidth per transfer
Transfer integrity checks
Email notifications from client application
Platform Support
Sending Transfers
Free client application
Drag and drop to initiate manual transfers
Share tokenized links to non-credentialed users
Exclude specific file types from transferring
Set passphrase and expiry date for shared links
Sandbox users to specific file directories
Authentication via PAM, Active Directory, LDAP
AES-256/GCM transfer level encryption
TLSv1.3 server connection
Watch Folders (optional)
Python API (two servers required)


between your teams and technology, to and from the cloud or your own servers

JetStream accelerated file transfer is all about giving you control. Its client-server architecture lets you move data point-to-point between your people and within an integrated digital workflow. Use any storage that you choose, whether it’s your own on-premise servers or a cloud service. Either way, transfer your files fast and securely.

Watch the overview video:


Bandwidth Freedom

JetStream never artificially throttles your bandwidth. It uses 100% of the available network capacity. Plus, you’re always in control of how much bandwidth to allocate to file transfers. You’re already paying for your pipe – you should be able to use all of it.

Scale On Demand

As you grow with more projects, transfer as much data as you need and add users at any time without worry or cost. You’re not limited by the number of connections to the JetStream server and you can share the free client application with your team members at any time.

Purposeful Design

In addition to our past life as a 3D conversion studio for Hollywood movies, we spent a lot of time in video game production, where ease of use is key. This philosophy informs JetStream’s design, ensuring every step of your user experience is intuitive. File transfer made simple.

Secure By Default

JetStream keeps your data safe through user authentication and transfer-level encryption. The security layer provides data confidentiality, data integrity, packet replay protection, and more. Default settings are always the most secure, but you can change configuration based on your needs.

Easily Prioritize Your Accelerated File Transfers

When you have lots of projects on the go, some will be more time critical than others. JetStream has centralized bandwidth management to ensure your most important files are moved first.

Other file transfer products have first in, first out queues. With JetStream, you have multiple options for prioritizing transfers, including the ability to:

  • Set low, normal, or high bandwidth utilization in priority lanes
  • Rank transfers within a priority lane
  • Set bandwidth ceilings for low priority individual transfers

JetStream makes it so simple to manage your competing priorities.

Cost Certainty Within Your Reach

JetStream has a client-server architecture and you’re only charged for the number of servers you deploy. For one low annual price JetStream provides:

  • Unlimited bandwidth allocation
  • Unlimited transfer volume
  • Unlimited client application distribution
  • Unlimited API access
  • Software updates
  • Support

In addition, our open API is published online and available free of charge. Integrating JetStream to your other technology solutions is easy and cost effective. You can also spend less time and money babysitting your file transfers and more on the task at hand.

One low annual price. Blazing speed. Limitless possibilities.

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