Introducing Transfer Integrity Check and Custom Email Notifications in JetStream Version 2.6.4

The latest release of JetStream file transfer software focuses on powerful features to simplify transfer monitoring and management, including the ability to easily check transfer integrity and customize email notifications.

Transfer Integrity Check

Using a custom UDP transfer protocol, JetStream moves data really fast. Although file corruption is unlikely during transfer, issues can occur from time to time.

For instance, changes made to the source file during transfer can result in data mismatches. Faulty media storage may also corrupt data. When transferring a package of data containing hundreds of files, a simple solution to find possible integrity issues becomes very useful. For archiving, this check gives users more confidence to delete source materials because they know the destination files are the same.

Expanding on JetStream’s existing suite of self-diagnosis tools, users can now check transfer integrity on demand. This is in addition to the strong checksums that are already a part of the JetStream encryption protocol. Complex command line prompts are not required since users can easily perform the integrity check and display results within the JetStream user interface. In addition to providing pass or fail feedback, JetStream pinpoints potential areas of investigation, such as a mismatch between files at the source and destination. A faster diagnosis leads to a faster solution.


Enhanced Email Notifications

The built-in Transfer Manager in the JetStream client application allows users to easily monitor and prioritize transfers. However, not everyone wants to watch a screen all day. Instead, users can rely on email notifications to get the information they need at its timeliest. In the latest JetStream version, users can choose to be notified on transfer start and/or transfer end. Email notifications can optionally include the entire file list as well as the transfer graph showing the send rate, throughput, and other relevant details.

With the new transfer integrity check feature and enhanced email notifications, JetStream simplifies transfer management. Even better, JetStream gives users more control.


Backblaze Integration

JetStream seamlessly integrates with Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage. In this latest release, users can easily set up Backblaze as a sandboxing option within the JetStream client application.


Transfer Optimizations

As with every JetStream release, various optimizations have been added to speed and enhance transfer performance.

Download the latest version or contact us to try JetStream for free.

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