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JetStream is an Aspera alternative that offers the easiest way to accelerate your large file transfers for one low price. Try our software for free and experience the power and simplicity of JetStream.
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# 1 Aspera Alternative

JetStream accelerated file transfer software transfers your large files with blazing speed, enterprise reliability, and military grade security. Our powerful software is renowned for its ease and simplicity.

Easy to set up and user friendly, JetStream will get your projects moving quickly and your teams collaborating faster. Used by many different industries to move files globally, they rely on JetStream’s robust transfers for speed with no time outs.

The Best Aspera Alternative

The core of our business is file acceleration and we dedicate our resources to providing the best product for quickly and easily transferring your data. Jetstream’s state-of-the-art technology enables you to utilize your existing full bandwidth potential without incurring additional infrastructure costs. Since we do not provision a bandwidth or user cap, the JetStream solution is designed to grow with your current workflow as well as satisfy future needs.

In addition, JetStream includes features such as central monitoring and flexible bandwidth control to optimize for speed or multi-tasking. You can prioritize jobs and get progress updates for ongoing transfers.

JetStream proprietary UDP accelerated file transfer protocol provides maximum throughput over high latency and unreliable networks. Accelerated file transfers allow users to download and upload files at full line speed over their WAN – Wide Area Network. Through a simple interface and onboarding, remote users can also seamlessly send and access material from anywhere with an internet connection.

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JetStream - an easy to use aspera alternative

An Easy to Use Aspera Alternative

JetStream is so easy to use because of its intuitive user design. Our simplified interface requires little to no training. Drag and drop to start transfers or use Watch Folder automation. Then, monitor transfer activity through a modern and useful dashboard. If required, you can change transfer priority with a few simple clicks. JetStream is that easy.

Another facet of Jetstream’s ease of use is a simplified set up. With our software, you can leave the burden of complex set-up behind. No need for an intrusive installation or highly technical people to maintain the software. All user types can access JetStream accelerated file transfer so you won’t have to heavily rely on your IT department. Moreover, JetStream uses existing user network credentials to remove the nuisance of setting up accounts. This enables more efficiency as a large volume of users can be set up with existing permissions granted. You can also easily onboard third party users in under a minute through a secure token link. Now, your team can focus on producing results and spend less time waiting for files to arrive.

Great for Collaboration

Collaboration is straightforward with JetStream. Teams can share and transfer large files quickly and easily resulting in more fluid collaboration and faster output. Furthermore, as a growing number of companies have geographically dispersed teams, JetStream offers them flexibility and a way to securely share data regardless of the distance.

For external user data exchange, JetStream allows you to easily create links to send to recipients’ email. Your clients can get set up with JetStream quickly and easily and they can start sending or receiving large files using download links and shared folders. For example, you won’t need to walk your clients through an elaborate process to send files. Thus, you can provide your customers with a hassle free experience and save time.

For more control, users can also create access for authenticated and non-authenticated (third party) users, set up shared folders in seconds, and set up automation easily.

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Simple Pricing

One low annual price. Blazing speed. Everything you need for file acceleration.

JetStream’s pricing structure is simple. We charge one price for a robust file acceleration solution. No need to add on multiple applications. No monthly bandwidth based or cloud based (per GB) calculations. JetStream always includes:

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited transfer volume
  • Unlimited client application distribution
  • Unlimited API access
  • Software updates
  • Support

Your teams can easily scale based on the number of projects on the go and the price will remain the same no matter the team’s size. One low annual price. Limitless possibilities.

Aspera vs JetStream

JetStream is an enterprise grade pure software solution designed to achieve full line speed regardless of network conditions. Unlike Aspera, JetStream’s purposeful design is user friendly and can be rapidly deployed so you and your team can get up and running quickly. Discover an easier way to accelerate your large file transfers with JetStream.


Visit our General Software FAQs page for even more information.

Why is JetStream better?

Customer Support
Our team is agile and customer obsessed. We pride ourselves on treating all our customers equally, regardless of business size. We know how critical your transfers are so you won’t be kept waiting to hear back from us.

Watch Folders
Designed to automate uploads/downloads. With our intuitive interface, schedule a task and simply let the software run. Also, share files more easily by creating automations for authenticated and non-authenticated users. Lastly, you can control your transfers with the ability to set a password, expiration date, delete automations, and configure multiple automated events.
JetStream includes open APIs at no extra cost. Our simple method of integration allows you to programmatically transfer large files between JetStream servers or be integrated as part of an existing workflow. As a result, workflow automation is readily within your reach.

Scale On Demand
As you grow with more projects, transfer as much data as you need and add users at any time without worry or cost. You’re not limited by the number of connections to the JetStream server and you can share the free client application with your team members at any time.

Purposeful Design
In addition to our past life as a 3D conversion studio for Hollywood movies, we spent a lot of time in video game production, where ease of use is key. This philosophy informs JetStream’s design, ensuring every step of your user experience is intuitive. File transfer made simple.

Built in Security
For your peace of mind, JetStream transfers your files from point-to-point (client to server and server to server). The JetStream security layer uses transfer-level encryption, user authentication, data confidentiality, data integrity, packet replay protection and more. Default settings are always the most secure, but you can change configuration based on your needs.
Want to learn more about JetStream and how our clients use our software? Read our case studies here.

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Jet Digital is reimagining accelerated file transfer with JetStream. Purpose-built to make moving data simple, JetStream software is designed with an ease-of-use philosophy while delivering enterprise-level speed, reliability, and security at the same time. Used in industries such as Media & Entertainment, Healthcare, Financial Services, and more, JetStream helps organizations connect and collaborate better through the ability to share data and content faster.

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