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JetStream is a global leader in software data transfer services. We have established ourselves as a trusted resource for businesses securely files with clients that need to quickly and securely as well as facilitate AWS migration. Our users come from wide-ranging industries, including media, entertainment, sports, hospitality, and more. But regardless of the scope of our clients’ businesses, we ensure the user experience we provide is simple and engaging. Customer service is our top priority, so you can rest assured our products are intuitive and secure. We have compiled answers to some of our most frequently asked questions below, but please feel free to reach out to us with any of your own.

What are the advantages of JetStream’s secure file transfer software?

The perks of using JetStream’s secure file transfer software are plentiful. Our application programming interface (API) allows you to easily embed high-speed file transfer into your workflow, while also taking advantage of cloud storage, digital asset management systems, and more. By streamlining your operations and technology infrastructure, you can significantly enhance company-wide performance. If you are using Amazon Web Services (AWS) to store your data, allow our software to accelerate transfer speeds, complete your operations despite any unreliable connections, and provide granular bandwidth control.

Why should I use JetStream software?

Our software is pivotal to the success of businesses throughout the world, and it can be for your organization, too. We have multiple resources available that will significantly improve your secure file-sharing capabilities. JetStream Client is a desktop application that allows you to conveniently transfer files to and from a JetStream server. It is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux. Our JetStream Server features a command-line interface, utilities, and complete API for workflow integration.

What are the benefits of using JetStream’s API data file transfer platform?

The API data file transfer platform we offer was designed with both power and simplicity in mind. It is prevailing enough to provide enterprise speed and reliability while also being overly user-friendly. No matter where your teams or clients are located across the globe, JetStream’s file transfer solution will facilitate fast transfers and optimized digital workflow automation. As an added benefit, you are free to use host the server application on-premise or in the cloud to move data efficiently.

How safe is JetStream’s data file sharing platform?

You will never have to worry about security issues while using JetStream’s data file sharing platform. We utilize features including user authentication and transfer-level encryption to provide confidentiality, data integrity, and packet replay protection, among other safety measures. We have stringent default settings to guarantee the confidentiality of your files, but you may always change configurations to meet your company’s needs. Furthermore, you will always be in control of your bandwidth. File transfers are not only secure, but they are fast and simple, too.

Contact JetStream for the Latest File Transfer Software

The world is seemingly getting smaller by the day. Business is global, so you need a data file transfer partner that can help you keep up in a dynamic, fast-paced environment. JetStream provides robust file transfer software to ensure you can securely share files with clients and teams throughout North America, Europe, and beyond the world. We even help with data migration and transfers to AWS. To learn more about our software or begin a free trial, contact us today.

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