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through easier, faster, and more secure file transfer

The world has changed. Working from home is no longer a perk, but rather a way of life. When your team members don’t have a good way to share and transfer large files, projects take longer to complete. So bring your teams closer together and collaborate faster by moving data quickly and securely. JetStream it.


and cloud sharing services using TCP

JetStream’s acceleration technology moves data way faster than TCP. If sending large files takes too many hours, then it’s time to try JetStream.


Never give up, never surrender. Unlike TCP, JetStream doesn’t time out because of flaky connections or long distances. It’s relentless in getting your files to where they need to go.


Your network conditions are always changing, but transfers over TCP often don’t react well. On the other hand, JetStream instantly adapts to ensure the swift and seamless delivery of your data.


TCP needs back-and-forth communication between the sender and recipient. JetStream gets rid of this overhead to transfer large files really fast.

Rachit Singh
Atomic Cartoons
Head of Technology, 2D

JetStream is mission critical to delivering our animation projects. By embedding JetStream into our workflow, we can easily move digital assets between multiple studios. Our teams are sharing their work faster than ever.

Barry Zubel
Head of Systems

We’ve transferred around 280TB so far via Jetstream and it’s been incredible. Clients find it easy to use, and our staff love the ability to share folders and links without getting Systems involved. In all, it’s been considered a great success!

Migrate Your Data to the Cloud

Although so much of IT infrastructure is still on-premise, innovation happens in the cloud. If you’re looking to modernize your business by moving to the cloud, a key step is migrating your data. However, transferring files over TCP or sending physical hard drives is slow and inefficient.

JetStream moves your data to the cloud quickly, reliably, and securely. So you can start taking advantage of the wide range of cloud services available today. Then watch your business transform.

Designed for integration, JetStream includes open APIs at no extra cost. As a result, workflow automation is readily within your reach. Easily transfer large files between digital asset management systems, on-premise storage, cloud storage, and your other tools.

You’ve got the pipe, but you can’t use all of it. It’s artificially throttled. Sound familiar? With JetStream, send big files fast using as much of your available bandwidth. Keep your teams moving on your terms.

First, drag and drop to initiate transfers. Then, monitor transfer activity through a modern and useful dashboard. In addition, change transfer priority with a few simple clicks. JetStream is that easy.

For your peace of mind, JetStream your files from point-to-point between servers and user connections you control. Transfer-level encryption also keeps your data safe.

Sling more data with JetStream
One low monthly price. Limitless possibilities.
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited transfer volume
  • Unlimited user connections
  • Unlimited API access
  • Software updates
  • Email support


Move Big Files Faster

In many industries, data keeps growing. It could be digital assets for film and television productions. Patient or research data in healthcare and life sciences. Confidential government or financial information.

Whatever the files, they’ll be moved at some point, either to other people or to an archive. Slow transfers get in the way of work getting done. Therefore, use JetStream to transfer big files and connect your teams faster.



Developed by Power Users for Power Users

Previously, we converted Hollywood blockbusters to 3D. So we get the urgency of moving data quickly and securely around the world. When other file transfer products couldn’t meet our needs, we created our own. If you’re looking for a simple yet powerful solution like we were, then JetStream is right for you.

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