Experience a New Way to Automate Your File Transfers

Streamline Your Workflows with Intuitively Designed Watch Folders

JetStream Watch Folders automate large-scale, repetitive file transfer tasks. Configure them to automatically upload or download content on a specific interval, and free up your time to do something else. This is another level of digital workflow automation.

why use watch folders?
Watch Folders are folders that automatically trigger transfers when files or folders are added to it.

Simplify content distribution

Automate repetitive tasks

Ingest content from multiple sources

Maintain source folder structure

Transfer off hours when network is less taxed

Transfers are encrypted in transit

Watch Folder Features

  • Move data or create backups at full line speed and on your schedule
  • Automatically deliver content to or receive updates from multiple users
  • Archive content to free up frequently used storage
  • Available for both authenticated or non-authenticated (third party) users
  • Set password for each Watch Folder
  • Option to set expiry for each Watch Folder
  • Advanced congestion control for network fairness
  • Map to multiple JetStream locations and storage points
  • Map to third party applications for advanced workflows
  • No IT involvement required for set up
  • Schedule automated file uploads and downloads in a few simple steps
  • Retain original file and folder structure
  • Built-in auto-resume to accommodate network impairments



Watch Folders save you time and increase efficiency. As soon as you place a file or folder in the Watch Folder, it automatically sends it to the designated location, be it a certain recipient, or a local or remote server. Conversely, they can be configured to automatically pull the content from the sender or server. With file transfers processing automatically in the background, you can boost your productivity by spending less time on routine tasks.


Collaborate more easily over different time zones with Watch Folders. Users can place files in the Watch Folder and they will automatically download on the recipient’s end. Now your teams working in multiple time zones can do their work on their own time, eliminating the need to initiate a download.

Easy to Use

Designed with our ease of use philosophy, JetStream’s Watch Folders are intuitive and user friendly even for non-technical users. Simply drag and drop content for rapid automatic file transfer and rest assured that you will preserve your folder structure.

For more fine tuned control, the Watch Folder page allows you to easily manage folders, shared links, and check the last send time. Moreover, as a credentialed user you can create a Watch Folder automation to simplify your daily tasks.

Easy to Share

Allow non-credentialed contributors to connect to a tokenized Watch Folder by sending a link to a Shared Watch Folder. By connecting to a Shared Watch Folder, contributors can automatically upload or download files.

Furthermore, you can enable automatic sending and receiving for multiple locations. For teams with many contributors, Watch Folders allow users to ingest content from multiple locations into one easily accessible folder. And for teams with many members in different areas, they enable users to deliver the same content to multiple locations. Discover an easier way of sharing.

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