Speed, Reliability, Security and Simplicity in File Transfer Software

It’s now faster, more reliable and safer than ever to transfer data digitally! With JetStream file acceleration, your team can all share content seamlessly without worry of data loss or security issues. Our software allows you and your collaborators to navigate the often-complicated process of sharing tools and files with a simplified and secured file transfer protocol. It’s organized, streamlined, and keeps your team focused on producing results rather than struggling to stay on pace. Learn more about our state-of-the-art data transfer software. We have a wide variety of features to connect your people quicker, easier, and more powerfully. When you’re ready, start a free trial othe JetStream platform today. 



Unfortunately, many file transfer services choose to artificially throttle your bandwidth. This can be as frustrating. With our file transfer software, you’ll never experience bandwidth throttling, even at home. JetStream allows you to upload and download files quickly, no matter what:

  • Unlike FTP, SCP or RSYNC, use 100% of your available network capacity
  • Multi-threaded read and write systems have sufficient IOPS to maintain target transmission rates
  • Send rates dynamically adjust to adapt to current network conditions
  • Control how much bandwidth to allocate to file transfers


With JetStream file acceleration software, you can move large files more reliably than with TCP. People who work in industries that regularly transfer large files over TCP have experienced the frustration of transfers failing out after several hours, connections dropping and not resuming correctly, or several failed attempts before the file arrives intact. JetStream offers more transfer reliability through:

  • A client-server architecture robust to packet loss, reordering, and delays
  • Configurable MD5 to verify transfer integrity on-the-fly or by file
  • Retry feature to pick up transfers once a lost network connection is restored
  • Configurable transfer properties such as send rate and prioritization


It’s not enough to just allow the streamlined transfer of data – you need to make it safe and secure. FTP and SFTP have security options, but they may not be enough for security conscious businesses. The JetStream security layer provides confidentiality, data integrity, packet replay protection, and more:

  • Point-to-point connectivity between the client and server
  • Industry standard encryption, including SSL (TLSv1.3 or TLSv1.2) for JetStream Server connections and AES 256 for data transfer
  • Enhanced connectivity security using machine validation
  • Support for existing domain credentials, with user authentication via LDAP(S), Active Directory (AD, ADS), or database
  • Ability to restrict user activity to specific resources and folders
  • Support for Relay configuration, minimizing a machine’s connectivity to the internet

JetStream default settings are always the most secure, but you’re free to change configurations based on your needs and processes. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, we’re just a phone call or an email away.

Watch Folders

JetStream enhances fast large file transfers with the addition of Watch Folders. Designed to automate uploads/downloads, with our intuitive interface, schedule a task and simply let the software run. Improve your digital workflow by using Watch Folders to create file transfer automations to:

  • Simplify content distribution
  • Automate large-scale repetitive tasks
  • Ingest content from multiple sources
  • Maintain source folder structure
  • Transfer off hours when network is less taxed
  • Transfers are encrypted in transit

Watch Folders are easy to create and manage just like regular JetStream file transfers. Simply drag and drop for quick automatic data transfers. You can also create shared links to allow non-authenticated (third party) users to connect to a tokenized Watch Folder, set a password, expiration date, delete automations, and configure multiple automated events.



Download Links
Easily create shareable links. Options include the ability to set a passphrase and limit the number of file downloads.
Shared Folders
Automatically grant temporary file sharing credentials for a specific folder with the flexibility to set upload and download permissions.
Ad Hoc Transfers
Using the intuitive client application, manually drag and drop files to start data transfers.
Workflow Automation
Use open APIs to embed JetStream into existing digital workflows and automatically trigger file transfers.

Easy Transfer Management

The JetStream user experience is designed to be intuitive, simple and effective, no matter how familiar your team is with technology. In addition, JetStream has a powerful, built-in transfer manager:

  • Real-time graphs show transfer rates, throughput rates, and more
  • Easily prioritize jobs and set bandwidth caps if needed
  • For more technical users, view a detailed transfer log

This is all included within the client app. So anyone can access these JetStream file acceleration management tools!


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