JetStream Version 2.5 Introduces New File Sharing Functionality and Wrangler Role

In today’s world of working from home, or even working from anywhere, technology has helped teams stay connected with one another. With JetStream high-speed data transfer software, organizations can also improve collaboration and keep projects moving forward.

Jet Digital is pleased to announce the release of JetStream version 2.5 with several new features. A couple standouts bring easier file sharing and user management: download links from shared folders and a new Wrangler role.

Download Links from Shared Folders

JetStream has been designed with both simplicity and security in mind. Login tokens in JetStream allows bi-directional file sharing without requiring username and password authentication. In essence, a folder can be shared in which files can be uploaded or downloaded by anyone given access via link. In version 2.5 of JetStream, download links can now be created within shared folders. This allows users to direct others to a specific file for download, making sharing even simpler.

Wrangler User Role

Now that so many people are working remotely, being able to easily manage users and transfers ensures the highest priority data goes first. To make sure that the right transfers are happening at the right time, JetStream Administrators can view and re-prioritize transfers from any user. Now, Administrators can delegate this responsibility to ‘Wranglers.’ A Wrangler can manage all transfers without being given full Administrator privileges. This provides more flexible and efficient transfer management while offering an additional layer of security at the same time.

Download the latest version of JetStream at https://gojetstream.io/downloads/

About Jet Digital

Jet Digital is reimagining accelerated file transfer with JetStream. Purpose-built technology to make moving data easy, JetStream helps organizations connect and collaborate better. Thoughtful design and relentless customer focus personify the JetStream experience. For more information, visit https://gojetstream.io.

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