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Automated File Transfer Software from JetStream

Automated file transfer software refers to the programmatic movement of files. Most organizations have data they need to transfer internally or with business partners, suppliers, and clients. Automated file transfer software allows users to program when files should be moved within an organization or to outside contributors. Typically, automated file transfers are employed to deal with reoccurring or high volume transfers so teams can save time and focus on more critical tasks.

What is JetStream’s Automated File Transfer Software?

If you are looking to enhance your workflow and increase your team’s efficiency, JetStream large file transfer software offers automation that is easy to use and quick to set up. Because organizations often move hundreds of files or more every day, our file transfer software is built to be reliable and robust enough to automatically handle the volume of large businesses.

JetStream is an enterprise grade UDP software solution designed to quickly and easily move large files securely around the globe. With a focus on high performance, JetStream accelerated file transfer software achieves full line speed regardless of network conditions. JetStream is created for power and simplicity so that all users, including those with little technical ability, can transfer their files with blazing speed, enterprise reliability, and high security.

JetStream File Transfer Software and Automation

JetStream is fast file transfer automation made easy.

Use Watch Folders to automate large-scale recurring tasks and simplify content distribution while preserving source folder structure.

If you prefer to customize your automation processes, our software includes open APIs that you can use to embed JetStream into existing digital workflows.

Watch Folders

JetStream Watch Folders are the easiest way to set up file transfer automations. Designed to automate upload and downloads through an intuitive interface, schedule the frequency and simply let the software run. The JetStream client application allows you to share files more easily by creating automations for both authenticated and non-authenticated users. Moreover, you can control your transfers with the ability to set a password and/or expiration date, delete automations, and configure multiple automated events.

Improve your digital workflow by using Watch Folders to create file transfer automations to:

  • Simplify content distribution
  • Automate large-scale repetitive tasks
  • Ingest content from multiple sources
  • Maintain source folder structure
  • Define transfer frequency
  • Encrypted transfers in transit

Watch Folders are simple to create and manage just like regular JetStream file transfers. Simply drag and drop for quick and automatic data transfers.


Created with integration in mind, JetStream large file transfer software includes open API Information at no extra cost. Thus, you can connect your technology solutions without having to buy a separate license.

Maximize efficiency by creating custom workflow automations easily embedded into existing workflows. You can effortlessly transfer large files between digital asset management systems, on-premise storage, cloud storage, and your other tools. With JetStream, seamless workflow automation is within reach.

Secure and Reliable Automated File Transfer Software

Secure Automation

Security is built-in to JetStream secure file transfer software. We provide comprehensive security to your files through user authentication and transfer level encryption. Our security layer provides confidentiality, data integrity, packet replay protection and more:

  • Point-to-point connectivity between the client and server
  • Industry standard encryption, including SSL (TLSv1.3 or TLSv1.2) for JetStream Server connections and AES 256 for data transfer
  • Enhanced connectivity security using machine validation
  • Support for existing domain credentials, with user authentication via LDAP(S), Active Directory (AD, ADS), or database
  • Ability to restrict user activity to specific resources and folders
  • Support for Relay configuration, minimizing a machine’s connectivity to the internet

JetStream provides this security configured by default, but users can alter the configurations based on their needs. If more security is required, then users can increase encryption or configure the system within a Relay configuration. If configured within a Virtual Private Network (VPN), security such as encryption can be lowered or removed all together given the inherent security with VPNs.

Reliable Automation

JetStream file transfer software is resilient. Unlike TCP, JetStream doesn’t time out because of fluctuating internet connections or long distances. Everyone has experienced the frustration of file transfers taking too long or worse yet, files not arriving at their destination and having to start over.

With a custom accelerated file transfer protocol, JetStream provides maximum throughput and performance over high latency and unreliable connections. It’s relentless in getting your files to where they need to go. Send your large files worry-free knowing that JetStream will deliver your files intact through:

  • A client-server architecture robust to packet loss, reordering, and delays
  • Configurable MD5 to verify transfer integrity on-the-fly or by file
  • Configurable transfer properties, such as send rate and priority
  • Auto-resume functionality to easily and automatically recover from network and internet interruptions

Automated File Transfer Software: 100x Faster Than FTP

Automation saves you time. JetStream automated file transfer software allows you to send large data sets rapidly to partners across the world eliminating the shipping of media such as USB devices and hard drives. With our intuitive user interface, you can easily avoid bottlenecks by automating file transfers using Watch Folder Automation.

Automation at Blazing Speed

JetStream is 100x faster than TCP and resilient to weak internet connections and high latency, unlike legacy transport technologies. Whereas TCP requires back-and-forth communication between the sender and recipient, JetStream file transfer software minimizes latency and allows you to take advantage of all available bandwidth. With JetStream you can upload and download large files quickly no matter what:

  • Unlike FTP, SCP or RSYNC, use 100% of your available network capacity
  • Multi-threaded read and write systems have sufficient IOPS to maintain target transmission rates
  • Send rates dynamically adjust to adapt to current network conditions
  • Control how much bandwidth to allocate to file transfers

JetStream accelerated file transfer software provides you with fast automated file transfers. Easy to use and share, JetStream can automate repetitive processes to free up resources and save valuable time. Try JetStream to boost your productivity and streamline your digital workflows.

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