JetStream Version 2.7.2 Enhances Connection to Cloud Storage

In our commitment to providing more options for easily connecting to cloud storage, JetStream announces version 2.7.2. Users can now use JetStream to quickly, reliably, and securely transfer large files directly in and out of Wasabi, which provides simple, predictable, and affordable hot cloud storage.

Wasabi Integration

JetStream accelerated file transfer technology now seamlessly integrates to Wasabi. The process is simple to set up. Wasabi storage connects to JetStream using the Sandbox Mapping feature, which allows a user’s activity to be restricted to a specific location. Through the built-in configuration tool in the JetStream client application, you can easily set up the Wasabi connection. The result is a fast and intuitive method of accelerated data transfer for cloud-based workflows. Thus, your team can save valuable time when compared to TCP-based file transfer methods, as well as scale when needed at a fraction of the cost of other cloud storage solutions.

AWS S3 Enhancements

Version 2.7.2 also includes enhancements to JetStream’s AWS S3 integration. This update improves the seamless integration between the two systems and helps to overcome the challenges associated with moving many large files. It is now simpler than ever before to initiate a transfer of a batch containing a massive amount of files while feeling confident that the process will be deployed securely and reliably. As corporations witness the volume of their data usage growing exponentially, they need solutions to move their large content easily and worry-free.

Performance Optimizations

Included with all JetStream releases are a number of optimizations to enhance velocity and transfer performance.

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