Matador: Using JetStream File Transfer from Production to Post


Producers of feature films, unscripted and scripted television, and digital programming, Matador Content is a full-service content studio based in New York and Los Angeles. Matador projects include Lip Sync Battle (Paramount Network), Boy Band (ABC), and Banksy Does New York (HBO). When looking for a file transfer solution to support post-production on their latest show, Matador turned to JetStream.

The Challenge: Cost-Effective File Transfer for Post-Production

COVID-19 has caused many companies to rethink everything. For Bobby Kondrat, VP, Post-Production at Matador, their file transfer solution was top of mind. He said, “When the pandemic fully hit, I knew we needed a foolproof solution to get footage to our servers in New York and LA. However, we had to be mindful of the costs as no one knew what the future held.”

Having used other file transfer products in the past, Matador was well aware of the limitations. For example, high price, low performance, and poor ease of use were all factors for considering something else. Matador also needed better customer support because a project with another vendor was taking too long to implement successfully.

The Solution: Unlimited Bandwidth & Transfer Volume
We put JetSteam to work on day one, hour one. Our first show was a massive production and we were able to have our post team right on the heels of production.

With production soon starting in Atlanta on the extreme talent competition Go-Big Show, Matador chose JetStream. This provided reliable and secure file transfer at high-speed for more efficient post-production. Footage acquired in the field was sent back daily to the LA office for immediate ingest to Matador’s storage area network (SAN). Mr. Kondrat said, “We put JetStream to work on day one, hour one. Our first show was a massive production and we were able to have our post team right on the heels of production.”

Doing a real apples-to-apples test against another product, Matador knew JetStream was for them. They could use all of their available bandwidth and transfer as much data as needed without any extra costs. In addition, the JetStream user interface was very easy to use.

The Result: A New File Transfer Partner

Transferring over 100 terabytes of data during the three-week Go-Big Show production, JetStream’s performance was amazing. The file transfer software enabled Matador to quickly and easily go from shoot to post-production.

Moving forward, Matador will replace their other high-speed file transfer products with JetStream. Working with the JetStream team gave Matador a sense that they could rely on them because they were invested in making sure their product performed as needed. According to Mr. Kondrat, “The company wants to exceed your expectations and they are open to and encourage your input. Most importantly, JetStream is fast, simple to use, and cost-effective. Flat out – it works. We wouldn’t have made our schedule without JetStream.”

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