Cutting Edge: Remote Post-Production Workflow and JetStream File Transfer

Cutting Edge has been crafting inventive content for 28 years. Headquartered in Australia, they are a leading provider of sound and picture post-production for the advertising, film, and television industries in their home country and internationally. They house state-of-the-art facilities in Brisbane, Sydney, and the Gold Coast.

Cutting Edge works on many high profile and successful productions. Notable projects include Survivor (Endemol Shine), Thor: Ragnarok (Marvel Studios) and The Bachelor (Warner Bros). One of their current projects is Love Island (ITV America). Before the start of production for the newest season in Hawaii, Cutting Edge searched for a remote post-production solution that is easy to implement. Cutting Edge chose JetStream accelerated file transfer software as a key component of their disaster recovery (DR) strategy.

The Challenge: Remote Post-Production Workflow for Disaster Recovery

The popular reality television series, Love Island, has recently completed filming on location in Hawaii and Cutting Edge is once again the post production services company for the series. A key responsibility is the configuration of the production’s workflow to facilitate the smooth running of the show. Because filming a reality TV series requires 24/7 coverage, they need to ensure they efficiently handle the large amount of media generated daily. As typical with most productions, there is a requirement to keep multiple copies of footage in multiple locations.

When researching DR solutions, Cutting Edge encountered inflexible licensing options, complex configuration, and a lack in overall user experience with other accelerated file transfer solutions and they wanted a simpler solution for disaster recovery.

The Solution: JetStream

Cutting Edge ultimately chose JetStream accelerated file transfer software with the help of a client referral. They explored other options, but went with JetStream because of its intuitive user experience. At the outset, the team found JetStream to be easy to configure. Michael Burton, Owner and Director of Cutting Edge said, “JetStream provided a very simple set up of the systems and the fact that it is cross-platform means that it worked well within our system configurations.”

Cutting Edge employs JetStream as a disaster recovery system in case of the loss of their main wide area network (WAN). Cutting Edge uses JetStream on two servers to simultaneously move data over multiple 1 GB connections to the main data center in Los Angeles.

JetStream is file acceleration with out of the box simplicity.
The Result: User Friendly File Acceleration for Remote Workflows

With Cutting Edge transferring approximately 15-20 TB of data per day, JetStream enables them to secure their remote workflows. Michael Burton and his team will continue to use JetStream as their primary file acceleration system for remote projects that need to transfer media. He was impressed with JetStream saying, “The system is easy to use and the sales and support are first class. JetStream is file acceleration with out of the box simplicity”.

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