Ubuntu 16.04

JetStream will install systemd service units for jetstream-server and jetstream-relay services, with /etc/jetstream-server.rsp and /etc/jetstream-relay.rsp configuration files respectively. Both services are disabled by default.

If you choose to install the optional Python package, refer to requirements if you don’t have pip installed on your system.

Please execute any of the following commands as root or administrative user using sudo.


To install JetStream:

dpkg -i go-jetstream_<version>.deb

To install the optional Python package:

pip install /usr/local/share/jetstream/jetstream-python


To update JetStream:

dpkg -i go-jetstream_<version>.deb

To update the optional Python package:

pip install -U /usr/local/share/jetstream/jetstream-python


To uninstall JetStream:

dpkg -P go-jetstream

To uninstall the optional Python package:

pip uninstall jetstream

System Configuration

If your system is integrated with Active Directory, you will need to enable JetStream authentication in sssd. See Active Directory Integration.

Next Steps

  1. Configure your JetStream Server license and installation
  2. Start the JetStream service

Once you have JetStream Server running, you can try doing a test transfer using one of the available tools as outlined in Interacting with JetStream.