Location Console


The Connection Console may be used to send JetStream API commands to the server at a given location. This is useful for certain troubleshooting situations.

Sending a command

Simply type a JetStream API command into the command line prompt. For example:

> getServerInfo

The format of each command is the command name followed by key/value pairs.

> commandName "key":value

For example:

> getRequestResult "requestId":1

Use the up and down arrows to move backwards and forward in the command line history. The console is somewhat tolerant to certain incorrectly formatted commands, so if you forget a quotation mark in a key/value pair here or there, it may autocorrect it for you.

To clear the console’s output, either press Cmd-K or right click ‣ Clear.


Command shortcuts

Certain commands do not need to be typed in full. Shortcuts exist for the following commands:

Shortcut Command
i getServerInfo
r <id> getRequestResult "requestId":<id>
ds send.getDestinations
xs send.getTransfers
ms send.getManifests
d <id> send.getDestination "destinationId":<id>
x <id> send.getTransfer "transferId":<id>
m <id> send.getManifest "manifestId":<id>o

So, for example, typing

> r 1

will result in the command

getRequestResult "requestId":1

being sent to the server.