Using JetStream API

There are two ways of working with JetStream API:

  1. Python API
  2. Command Line API (e.g. bash)

Both interfaces accept the same functions and arguments.


The Python API module can be integrated into other projects or tools, and is completely independent and does not require any of the JetStream Server binaries.

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Command Line

The command line API relies on the jetstream server executable, however, you do not need a license to use the JetStream API. The jetstream executable can be found in:

  • Linux: /usr/local/bin/jetstream
  • MacOS: /usr/local/jetstream/bin/jetstream
  • Windows: C:\\Program Files\\Jet Digital\\JetStream Server\\bin\jetstream.exe

To access the API, specify the api subcommand:

jetstream api

For a list of API commands add a help parameter:

jetstream api help

For detailed help about a particular API function, run the following command, or refer to the Python API.

jetstream api help [api-function]

See also

For further help with the jetstream api command, refer to Console API.