Release Notes


  • Added a feature to prevent unnecessary logging of repetitive SSL errors.

  • Added support for incoming transfer status.

  • Improved loading time of large directories.

  • Various bug fixes.


  • Added support for transfers to a client API end-point.

  • Improved incoming transfers functionality.


  • Added support for M1.

  • Added support for Windows 11.


  • Added support for incoming transfers.

  • Increased frequency of timeouts from 10 seconds to 60 seconds.


  • Added option to skip file errors caused by moved or deleted files during transfer.

  • Added cloud transaction retry in server startup configuration.

  • Improved process owner authentication for localhost API connection.

  • When host service stops, transfer automatically resume from the last checkpoint.

  • Various bug fixes.


  • Improved watch folder usability and bug fixes.


  • Added watch folder feature.


  • Improved multithreaded write engine.

  • Improved server memory usage.

  • Fixed S3 uploads hanging at transferring large amount of files.


  • Improved receiver file writing performance using multithreaded io.

  • Fixed an issue with persistent directory path at installation on Windows machine.

  • Added Win10 application level awareness of long file path.


  • Optimized domain user sandbox resolution

  • Added long file path support on Windows

  • Various bug fixes.


  • Increased the speed of sandboxing files.

  • Optimized transfer processing.

  • Added safer serialization to persistent state files.

  • Bug fixes.


  • Fixed a timeout when resolving many sandboxed files.


  • Added --cloud-cache-file to allow a larger page file for use with S3 uploads.

  • Added --send-host to restrict outgoing transfers to a specific interface.

  • Added --default-file-driver which allows selecting the backend file driver.

  • Internal optimizations when dealing with S3.

  • Various bug fixes.


  • No Server Changes



  • No Server Changes


  • Fixed bug where out of order packets could be rejected.


  • Added fallback file IO method for avidFS.

  • Added recv.transferStarted trigger.


  • Added new wrangler permission and functions.

  • API tokens can now successfully make download tokens.

  • Various bug fixes.


  • Added support for API tokens.

  • Added fine grained permissions.

  • Fix bug where S3 file containing certain special characters could not be downloaded.

  • Command-line API interface returns better error codes on failure.

  • Added --api-disable-api-tokens option.

  • Various bug fixes.


  • Fixed bug where SMB shares on Windows might not authenticate correctly.

  • Fixed bug where the server would not run on macOS versions older than 10.12.


  • Added support for maintaining timestamps and only writing if the source file is newer into the API.

  • Failed transfers will now attempt to tell the receiver to clean up any part files.

  • Added new recv.transferComplete.json trigger which uses a JSON payload that include the transfer’s user data. Note that the user data must be specified during createTransfer; any user data added afterwards will not be part of the trigger payload.


  • Documentation update. No Server Changes


  • Added support for additional transfer ciphers including AES 256. Default remains AES 128.

  • Added --transfer-min-cipher option.

  • Fix bug when truncating a file while it’s in use.


  • Added API support for setting the server license.

  • Improved error messages for invalid licenses.

  • Added standard administrator groups as supergroups by default.

  • Set the maximum number of open file handles on macOS.

  • Bug fixes.

  • Changed minimum support version of Ubuntu to 18.04.


  • Fix bug with file renames.


  • Documentation update. No Server Changes


  • Changed to a new licensing system.

  • Brand name changes.

  • Updated third-party SDKs.

  • Added --trigger-log option.

  • Added --trigger-on-api option. Note that this changes the default trigger behaviour.

  • Server does not try to access the network instantly at startup if it’s not yet ready.

  • Set the maximum number of open file handles on Linux.

  • Bug fixes.

  • Removed support for CentOS 6.