Receive Transfer Structure

A Receive Transfer structure is returned from getTransfersAsync(). This structure describes a transfer that is being received on a server. This differs from the Transfer structure, which describes a transfer being sent from a server.

The Receive Transfer structure describes a receiving server’s record of transfer while it is in progress. Note that the receiving server will (eventually) remove its record of a transfer when the transfer has finished (the files remain, of course), whereas the sending server will maintain its records of a transfer indefinitely.


The directory that will be created as the parent for all files in the transfer. The manifest paths are respected, and added below this destination path.


If there has been an interruption to a transfer at the receiving server at any time, this records the timestamp at which the interruption occurred. A value here does not necessarily mean that the transfer has failed; compare status. See Timestamps.


A timestamp indicating the last receive activity. See Timestamps.


A timestamp indicating the last send activity. See Timestamps.


The IP for a source (i.e. the sending).


The port on which the source (i.e. sending) is connected.


The status for this transfer. May be one of:

  • receiving

  • complete

  • error


The total size, in bytes, of all files in this transfer.


The transfer ID for this transfer. Transfer IDs are returned from createTransfer(), and used in other methods to refer to a specific transfer.